Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have let this blog lapse a bit over the past few months.  If you recall that my last post was about having a baby, you will be able to guess why.  With the competing demands of being a new mama and going back to work full-time after 8 weeks of leave, something had to give. 

I have been inspired to get back to it though, after attending the national meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine.  SGIM meetings are inspiring in many ways.  It’s exciting to be able to share research, hear about innovations in medical education and practice, and be with colleagues from around the U.S. and across the world.  These are people who care deeply about patients.  They strive to connect with individuals in meaningful ways and also reform healthcare systems, reduce disparities, and promote social justice.  It’s great to be immersed in that kind of vision and energy.

During the meeting, I took part in a writing workshop.  Amidst the bustle of a packed schedule, it gave me a refreshing moment of quiet and reflection and a chance to meet others who are interested in narrative medicine.  We were able to share some very powerful stories of healing.  It reminded me of the value of this kind of sharing, not only in person but also on a wider scale through blogs. 

So, I am back and I invite you to rejoin me.           

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  1. The term " narrative medicine" is fascinating! Any tips on good reads ( for the interested layperson)?